Scholarships Testimonials from Our College Students

In May of 2022 I graduated with a degree in horticulture, I chose to study plants because I admire their strength and beauty. I was able to obtain a job at A Garden Party and most recently a professional Horticulture internship at Walt Disney World. Both opportunities have provided me a chance to learn, use my gardening skills, and personally grow. Epcot is a magical place to put my gardening skills to use.
The joy on the visitors' faces as they enjoy the displays is amazing. When I return, I will be working to finish my business degree. I plan on using my passion and degrees to make a difference in the horticulture industry.
Obtaining a profession horticultural internship and receiving a Cumberland Foundation Scholarship are both big steps in making a difference in the Horticulture industry.
~Kayla Hayden, Cumberland Foundation Scholarship Recipient
A woman in sunglasses standing in front of a flower garden.